6 Steps to Change a Flat Tire Safely

Once you know the steps to change a flat tire, you will be able to get off the road to a service station quickly and easily.
  1. Drive the vehicle on the rim if necessary to get out of traffic and to the safety of the side of the road.
  2. Use the lug wrench and loosen the lugs for the flat tire a few turns is all.
  3. Now jack the vehicle high enough so the flat tire clears the road.
  4. With the vehicle's tire off the ground, remove the lug nuts to the flat tire and take the tire off the bolts.
  5. Replace with the spare tire, hand tighten the nuts, lower the car.
  6. With the tire touching the ground, tighten the nuts all the way.
If you schedule tire rotation appointments with Capitol Chevrolet Montgomery, our team can spot tire tread issues before they cause the tires to fail.



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