Car Not Starting? It Could be Your Ignition

Is your car refusing to start? Don't start looking for a new battery just yet. Sometimes, the issue isn't a dead battery, but simply an ignition system that requires maintenance. But how can you tell?

When your ignition stops working, there are a few signs that can give it away. If you're noticing a grinding or whining sign coming from your vehicle when you try to start it, that can be a telltale sign that the issue is your starter and not your battery.

However, if your car just doesn't start, the issue could be your battery, but it could also simply be an inoperable solenoid. It's always smart to have your vehicle inspected before trying to have the issue fixed so that you can make sure that the problem is properly identified and addressed.

Are you having issues with your starter system? Or do you think that your battery may be to blame? Either way, pop on over to Capitol Chevrolet Montgomery, and the trained Chevrolet service technicians at our Montgomery, AL location can help you diagnose and fix the problem as soon as possible!

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