Replace a Flat Tire With Ease

Knowing how to fix a flat tire is an excellent skill to have. To change out a tire, you will need a jack, a lug wrench, and the spare tire. If possible, practice replacing the tire in a safe, flat location. Read the owner’s manual on how to change a flat. Here is a brief breakdown from our Chevrolet parts and service professionals.

Turn the car off, and set the brake. Get the spare tire out. If you have chocks, chock the wheels. Loosen the lug nuts. Sometimes lug nuts will not budge. Carry some spray lubricant in your car for this type of an emergency. Lubricate the nuts and try again.

Jack up the car and take off the nuts. Put on the spare tire and replace the lugs. Lower the vehicle and remove the chocks before taking off. After a flat tire, our service team can inspect your other tires. Stop by Capitol Chevrolet Montgomery for new tires and a checkup.


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